2021 Men's Golf

Shout out to the 49ers Men’s Golf Team on finishing second in Palm Desert tournament.

Side topic: Anyone heard any news on the status of our women’s team? There were doing so well last year. I don’t even see where they have any tournaments scheduled.


Women’s golf coach quit a few weeks ago…I haven’t seen any updates since.

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I don’t know what happened on the Women’s Golf Team, but our assistant coach is gone too so I guess it was not just something Holly Clark did. Clark resigned just before Christmas, and I am sure it is a tough time to hire a new coach, especially if you want one that can continue the success we have seen so far, but we are going to lose these players if this doesn’t come together soon.

Thanks Nugget. I know men’s coach Cabbage was announced as taking over in the interim. I sure hope we don’t lose players and take a step back in what was a fantastic beginning to our new program. Seems like Hill should be giving us an update at this point.

A bright spot for Forty Niner athletics today. The men’s golf team won the Linger Longer tournament in Greensboro, GA by 11 strokes over Georgia Tech and 15 other schools. They were 25 strokes under par and John Gough was the medalist at 13 under.


Yep. Crushed the field of teams.

The NINERS are back!

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What kind of shirt is he wearing?

Looks like C-pick. Probably an older team photo and not one from the tournament.


Golfweek college golf team of the week.


Thanks for making us proud! Nice job team.