2021 Tailgate

Hey folks! Just a heads up the Normbulance will be back up at the stadium this fall. If you want to come party with us your best bet is parking in the Orange CRI deck. That deck has lost 500 spots to hotel patrons so don’t wait on that. If you haven’t been to a Normbulance tailgate - this is a great year to start.

I dunno about you guys but I am beyond ready to get the tailgate fired up for 2021. Normbulance has a new stereo, new awning and hopefully a new bar!


I’m not pleased that 500! spaces of the Orange Deck were “lost” to the hotel. :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage:

Will the Normbulance have the updated logo by the first tailgate? What is this, 2005?

I’m looking for new logos for the doors but I do have a few already on!

How do we choose? I bought parking pass but do not recall and selections? Are you hosting Covid testing or shots? A custom green Jägermeister Niners Covid Shot?

When picking your parking pass you should have an option. If you aren’t sure just call the AD.

No Covid shots but definitely shots.

Is Ed still tending bar?

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This should go without saying - but I am gonna say it. ANY and ALL are welcome at our tailgate. If you don’t know people or don’t have tailgating stuff, don’t let that be your excuse to not come out. We always have extra and the bigger the crowd the better!

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