2022-23 MBB - Charlotte @ FAU, 1/7 2:00 PM CUSA.tv

Series tied at 6-6, with Owls winning most recent matchup 74-69 this past February and two in a row overall.

With FAU beating preseason favorite UAB tonight, the following seems appropriate for now:


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Let’s dance.

Watch out for the trees!

Judging by the crowd against uab, this may be the most hostile / loud crowd we play in front of this year.

Well, we obviously suck in empty gyms….


Is there a way to see replays of games on CUSA TV?
I’d like to attend our home game at Halton and see a replay of the game in Boca.

Well, I did it. Got the recurring subscription for C-USA TV again just for this game. Didn’t think I was going to need it, but I’m a sucker. We’ll see how many baseball games are on it this year I guess. Can pass the time with tennis while I work.

Gonna ignore this game for my own mental health. We probably lose by 20+. :confounded:

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From the Picks & Parlays piece:

Which makes me think of these guys:

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I guess I can’t watch this game. Is it the 1980s?

karen smith its like i have espn or something GIF

static spice channel GIF

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Pretty bad when a correspondent on a sports betting site apparently unaware that the two teams he’s writing about played this past Thursday.

I think I saw a nipple

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Any way Belfast will stream the game? We’ll be uptown and was hoping it would be on somewhere.