2022-23 MBB - Charlotte @ UTEP, 2/9 9:00 PM ESPN+

Niners venture to the Mountain Time Zone in their final visit to UTEP (11-12, 4-8 C-USA) as a conference foe. Series tied at 7-7, with Miners holding a 5-2 advantage in the Don Haskins Center. UTEP (aka Texas Western) won the most recent matchup 60-58 in CLT on MLK Day. FWIW, Miners are 1-9 in away games.



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Who knows, if we have Aly back, we may grow a pair and start winning again. Have my doubts, but the season isn’t over yet.

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Yep, hopefully having Khalifa back will change our recent negative outcomes on the court.

While we are a better team with him in the court, we had a losing record in conference play with him around too.

clt is glad we flew charter out of JQF

Thinking Reaction GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants

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Pretty tame and lame compared to the football workout videos.

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Is she the primary strength coach for men’s basketball?

Not sure where the Winners and Whiners writer got his info about Khalifa’s status since it contradicts everything I’ve heard, which is that Aly will be starting tonight. Hmm… :thinking:

She is

Khalifa getting off the bus! :+1:

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So tired of seeing our “shooters” not hitting wide open shots.

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