2022 Baseball Week 13 - At FAU (C-USA TV)

It’s been a strange RPI year. A handful of games have really put a dent in SOS. Western Illinois was a late add. They’ve turned out to be one of the worst teams in D1. I believe we picked them up when VT fell through.

I say we just win it all and take the dexision out of the committees hands !


Just win, baby!

I think we CAN get the rpi in to the 60s by only losing maybe 1 more game or maybe even tbe 50s if we win out in the regular season.

Definitely possible. And there won’t be any bad rpi games in Hattiesburg either.

Thats exactly what im talking about.

McCabe is the man!!! Grand Slam!!!


Big Maple is a bad, bad man. :canada::maple_leaf::bomb::bomb::bomb::bomb::boxing_glove::boxing_glove:


Amen ! :muscle:

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McCabe carrying lightning :zap: in his bat!


Update? Just following on live stats now. Still lightning?

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The last I saw on the video, about an hour ago, they were covering the field with tarps.


Last tweet from FAU baseball says next update at 7:15, which passed about 10 minutes ago.
“waiting to make sure the weather is completely out of the area”

Now they are saying “check back at 8:00”. It may be a long night. Not sure when they would call it and try and get two in tomorrow.

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Game has been postponed will resume at 9:30 tomorrow morning

Does it resume from the pause or start over?

Resume from the top of the 2nd.


Tarp is still on the field. 9:30 start time will not happen.

We have a 4:30 travel cutoff time. Going to be tough to get both in today.