2022 Baseball Week 13 - At FAU (C-USA TV)

A 3-1 week puts the Niners at 31-17 on the season and 14-10 in C-USA. 3rd consecutive C-USA sweep puts us as a 6 seed in the conference tourney with 6 games left to play.

Despite the winning week, the RPI went up to 85.

No mid-week game this week with exams going on, and we travel to FAU for the weekend.

Schedule for the week:

Friday: At FAU 6:30 (CUSA-TV)
Saturday: At FAU 4:00 (CUSA-TV)
Sunday: At FAU 1:00 (CUSA-TV)

USM & UTSA have clinched spots in the C-USA Tourney. 7 teams still alive for the regular season title with 6 games left.



Taking a quick glance at how the AAC is looking this year. ECU is still the team to beat despite having a down year. Only 4 teams in the Top 100 RPI. C-USA has 8. 4 of those will be joining the AAC.

The Future AAC:
ECU 35
Tulane 62
UAB 83
CLT 85
FAU 93
USF 134
Wichita St 163
Rice 208
Memphis 222

Wild that 2 of the bottom 3 are Rice and Wichita St.


Also, Dallas Baptist, who will join C-USA as a baseball affiliate member next year is currently at #3 in RPI.

clt expects us to compete with eCu for most baseball titles in the AAC

Replace ECU !

BOOM! McCabe opens it up with a 3-run bomb in 5th. Niners up 6-1.

I’ll have to take your word for it. Couldn’t see it on this professional broadcast.

Yeah I’m not watching either. Have I mentioned CUSA.tv is garbage. Following on Live Stats. Up 7-1 now.

Why dont you guys at least listen to the broadcast? I do that and run live stats as well for our cusa tv games.

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I am listening to Joe and watching this crap broadcast on CUSATV. When we got to the 9th, the broadcast was so blurry, I turned it off and listened to the finish

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Nice win and did not have to use up the bull pin

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Huge night at the plate for McCabe.

From 5-10 to 15-10. If USM can come back on UTSA, we’ll be 1 game out of 2nd.


I readily admit to pretty much counting these guys out at 5-10 in conference and that 2-8 stretch may well keep us out of the tournament …but they really have turned things around. After losing 8 of 10, we have now won 13 of 14…unreal.


UTSA defeats USM to draw within one game of first. Regretting that blown lead in San Antonio earlier on.
Will Charlotte finish strong enough for an at large bid? Will the Committee take into account McCabe’s injury?

USM is collapsing fast. Credit to UTSA. They are scrappy. Interesting move by their coach to bring in their Saturday starter to close.

Hard to say about our chances. Lots more work to be done. Let’s win the next one. :call_me_hand:

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Wonder if USM fans are trashing their team like ours did during our slump? :roll_eyes:


Our baseball team is going to have the opposite problem of the softball team. I think we’ll finish top 3 in conference, but our RPI will be relatively crap going into the conference tourney (70s). Will be important how we do in the tourney and how much our RPI lowers.

Southern Miss looking a lot like we did last year: Dominant most of the year with a late season swoon. We got ours out of our system earlier this year, but unfortunately, it was a huge hit to our RPI.

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