2022 Baseball Week 14 - At South Carolina (SEC Net+); LaTech (ESPN +)

The final week of the season. Niners are up to 75 in RPI after a 2-1 week and currently are the 5 seed if they season ended today.

All 8 teams are decided now for the CUSA Tourney next week.

UAB is locked in as the 8.

USM, LT, & MTSU are still in it for the 1 seed.

We can finish as high as 2 and as low as 7.

Road trip to SC for our final midweek of the season. Sc us at 69 in RPI, so a road sun there could give us a little bump.

HUGE series this weekend at the Hayes. We need that place packed Thursday night, Friday night , and Saturday for Senior Day. Fireworks night is Friday also.

LaTech is currently 54 in RPI, so another opportunity for an RPI bump before heading into the Tourney.

Schedule for the Week:

Tuesday- At South Carolina 7:00 ( SEC Network +)

Thursday- LaTech 6:00 (ESPN +)
Friday- LaTech 6:00 (ESPN +)
Saturday- LaTech 1:00 (ESPN+)


For the conference tournament, are the teams going to be divided into two groups of four with the format like a regional for each of the two groups? All I can discern from the friggin’ CUSA website is that the tournament will be double elimination except for the final game, which will determine the champion.

I’m afraid spring classes being over and very hot weather predicted will mean not much of a crowd advantage for LA Tech. :hot_face:
Shame, but it is what it is.

Format should be the same. 2 four team brackets with double elimination. 2 winners meet in the championship.

Bracket 1 is 1 v 8; 4 v 5

Bracket 2 is 2 v 7; 3 v 6

And yes the CUSA website is :poop::poop::poop:.

After the App series I swore that I’d never complain about being hot at a baseball game ever again. :rofl:

But you’re right, a lot of people will use any excuse. It’s a shame, too. We need a rowdy atmosphere and the guys deserve it.

We especially need the “Left-Right” gang there !

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They probably did their thing as graduates left the stage after receiving diplomas.

I don’t do anything outside in the mid 90s unless it’s shady or wet.

No starter listed in the notes. I guess we will find out tomorrow. Brooks pitched a good amount yesterday so I’d say he’s out.


The Gamecocks fans don’t appear to be very confident in their team.


Surprised if they are not confident playing at home against a team that went through the grinder last weekend. That would seem to give every advantage to the Lamecocks.

clt pages Metro!

Well, well for all of the expert coaches on here that gave me hell, it is interesting to note that Fisher is batting 6th today. I would have put him at 5th but what do I know. No one more than me hopes he has a fantastic day against SC

Dude, we change batting orders almost every game.

DUDE!, I know, that is what started it all, I simply made a comment questioning Fisher batting 4th in the second game against FAU. DUDE, he also batted 4th in the first game. DUDE, there wasn’t a change made at that time and yes DUDE, I understand changes are made frequently but it didn’t and I questioned it.

Youre hilarious…and so clever…and btw, there were batting order changes over the weekend.

DUDE, go back and look…Knight batted 4th in both games

No dude…knight did not bat 4th…check again genius.

DUDE, now you are really showing how you really your stuff, not only did he bat 4th in the Saturday and Sunday games, he batted 4th in the Friday game. Genius DUDE he went 1-3, 0-7 and 0-3 all batting 4th … go check again genius