2022 College Hoops Coaching Carousel

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This shows how bad the lakers front office is. They should know better than to think they had a shot with Howard while his sons are at Michigan.

Thought Lutz might get tabbed for one of the assistant openings in Oxford but doesn’t look like that will happen:

12+ minute interview by Jeff Goodman with new Queens HC:

Official announcement, with the “obligatory” hyphenated Niners reference :roll_eyes:

Wonder if Lutz would be interested in overseeing a JUCO start-up in Shelby:

Former Furman head coach Eddie Holbrook was a County Commissioner in Cleveland County for several terms.

Hadn’t heard Holbrook’s name in what seems like forever and with good reason - walked away from coaching 40 years ago!

The termination of DK definitely a head scratcher, especially at this late date. The Sharks were .500 during his five season tenure in Brooklyn, never finishing lower than third in the NEC and won the conference tournament in 2018. Hmm…:thinking: