2022 Summer Movies!

I’m hearing on various podcasts that a movie called Everything Everywhere All at Once is the jam. Has anyone seen this? The guys on SlashFilm said it’s the best think since the Matrix for blowing you away and saying “what the hell just happened???”

Secrets of Dumbledore was better than Crimes of Grindlewald, but it was a typical “bridge” movie in a story arch. Action for action sake.

Ive heard the same things, and I saw Sam Rockwell say it last night in a talk show (He loved it).

I’m trying to avoid more details about it, because apparently they will ruin the movie.

Sam did say it blew his mind.

This is probably one I will wait to stream though.

Has anyone seen Licorice Pizza? Curious if it’s worth renting.


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This belongs in a 2023 thread. Zack Snyder’s nee Sci Fi “universe” that was originally pitched to Disney as a new Star Wars movie (official canon), but one for adults?

What do you guys think? :+1: or :-1: ?


Friday, July 1,

Minions: The Rise Of Gru - These movies are fun and kids love them. Count me in.

Friday, July 8

Thor: Love and Thunder - No more fat Thor, Portman absolutely ripped and Taika back. Should be a fun move and with Christian Bale as the baddie it should be interesting. Likely will have more fun and humor that Dr Strange as Hemsworth gets the first 4th installment of his MCU character. Could this be his swan song?

Friday, July 15

Bullet Train - Brad Pitt movie that looks like a rip roaring good time! A ton of action on a train it what appears to be Japan with Pitt playing a hitman?

Friday, July 22

Nope - Another crazy ass movie from the mind of Jordan Peele. Not even sure what it is about but it looks crazy and unsettling which is par for Peele.

Blazing Samurai Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank - A computer animated movie that has Mel Brooks adn Samuel L doing voice work. That alone makes it worth seeing. Rest of the cast with Cera and more are just a bonus.

Friday, July 29

DC League of Super-Pets - Computer animated film with the Rock, Keanu, Kevin Hart and Krasinski as well super pets.

Vengeance - B.J. Novak, Dove Cameron, Ashton Kutcher star in a comedy mystery. Directed and written by Novak aka Kelly’s BF Ryan from the Office. NYC radio host investigates his GFs death in the south. Sounds interesting.

August up next

As long as Love & Thunder doesn’t turn out to be a bait & switch, I am in.

I still can’t wait to see Top Gun Maverick. The early reviews are excellent.

I am really stoked for Thor. I love the lightened mood Taika brought in and bringing Portman back is awesome, I do hope that strike that balance between humor and seriousness though.

I am excited for Maverick as well. I think Cruise is a nutcase, but his movies generally do not disappointment - the Mummy not included.

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Top gun was worth the wait.

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Hustle - Adam Sandler, on Netflix, is really solid. Probably the best thing he has done in a long time, at least IMO.

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Second this. Was pleasantly surprised. Worth the watch.

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Agreed, watched and really enjoyed. Not a typical Adam Sandler movie.

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Hustle was an excellent movie.