2022 Summer Movies!

Well with April around the corner it is time for the 2022 Summer Movie Super Thread! As always I focus on movies from major studios, not indies. Today is March and I’ll add other months later.

We start with March:
Morbius - Sony keeps trying to capitalize on the MCU Spidey by building their own universe out. Jared Leto’s Morbius joins maybe Venom and maybe some version of Spidey? Keaton is back for this - as vulutre?
The Contractor = Starring Chris Pine as a former special ops guy. I am guessing guns and action and stuff?
Better Nate Than Ever - Family Disney movie

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - First movie was better than expected. James Marsden and Jim Carrey are back
Ambulance - You know I wanna see this. And ambulance racing across town for some reason, betting its not a tailgate but I still wanna see it

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore - I have zero interest in this, but I am sure some Potter fans are wetting themselves

The Bad Guys - Animated film from dreamworks, about gang of animal bad guys trying to go good.
The Northman - Historical tale about Iceland starring Alexander Skarsgard and NAs own Anya Taylor Joy, normally I am not a fan of historical stuff but I am interested.
The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent - Black comedy that looks like it could be really funny about a star who takes a big pay day t show up and super fans bday and then things go crazy. Pedro Pascal and Neil Patrick Harris join Nic Cage as the star.
Memory - Liam Neeson stars as a wait for it… wait for it… guy good with guns. Yeah an assassin. Guy Pearce and Monica Bellucci also star.

She’s mine???

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Now, a new report indicates that Thrawn may actually be getting his own straight-to-Disney+ movie based on Zahn’s classic Star Wars novel, “Heir to the Empire.”


This is what the sequel trilogy should have been based on.


Showtime Recording GIF by CBS

Would have been perfectly happy with Daisy Ridley being cast as Mara Jade (opposite Sebastian Stan as Luke?), who was a certified badass and so much more interesting than Rey.

Would have been a better story and featured an even better strong female character. 2 birds, 1 stone.

Also, Thrawn is a great character and his story isn’t anywhere near as repetitive as the First Order / Force Awakens.

Why KK felt like she had to recreate everything when they had great source material is beyond me.

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Dr Strange and the Multiverse of Madness - If Spiderman was your cup of tea hold on because shits about to get crazy! Easily the 2022 movie I am most looking forward to!

Firestarter - A remake of the 1984 classic with Drew Marrymore. This time we have Zac Efron and some other folks.

DC League of Superpets - Computer animated with voice talent of The Rock, Kevin Hart, Kate Mckinon, Keauanuauea Reeves, John Krasinski
Downton Abbey: A New era - I have never watched any of this. Literally no idea what it is about.
Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers - Andy Samberg, Will Arnet, Erc Bana, Seth Rogen, Keegan Micael Key, JK Simmons all join in as voice talent. Movie probably can’t be as good as the old school song but thats great voice talent in this.
Men - Horror movie from Alex Garland of Ex Machina and Anhilation director fame and who wrote 28 days later and Sunshine among other things.

Topgun: Maverick - After a LONG wait the movie finally flies into theaters as Tom Cruise jumps back into the character that arguably made him the star he is today. Miles Tellers, Jennifer Conley, Ed Harris and of course Val Kilmer as Iceman - you just did that thing with your teeth huh?

I’m not sure if this is gonna release in 2022 or not, but I didn’t wanna create another thread for it:

I’m not that excited about this. Can she actually act? I tried watching the Black Widow movie and got bored.


June 10
Jurassic World Dominion aka Jurassic World 3 aka Jurassic Park 6 - The gang, old and new, all gets back together as all hell breaks loose the giant lizards are free in the world and humans are food.

June 17
Lightyear - Pixar movie about the in universe inspiration of Buzz Lightyear. Where the toy is voiced by Home Improvement man, the character of Lightyear is voiced by Captain America himself.

June 24
Elvis - Movie about the King with Tm Hanks as Col To Parker
Black Phone - Horror movie with Ethan Hawke directed by Scott Derrickson after he left the Dr Strange project.

Don’t know whether to put a Netflix movie in this thread or the Binging thread.

But anyway, The Adam Project was pretty damn good. Great movie for families with older kids.


Yep, I plan on watching it this next weekend with the family. Glad to hear it’s good. The trailers looked good.

The Batman was damn solid.

It borrowed a bit from the Nolan movies, especially The Dark Knight, plus a bit from the Michael Keaton original, and my sons felt like it borrowed pretty heavily from the animated stuff DC has done in recent years. Played heavily on the detective version of Batman.

It won’t dethrone the :goat: (The Dark Knight), but it was loads better than the other DC dreck being excreted into theaters. Especially Batffleck.

I couldn’t believe it was on HBO Max already. An absolute must see if you haven’t already.

Warning… It is LONG. And due to the deliberate pacing, sadly it feels like it too. Probably my only real complaint. You feel every minute of its 2:56 runtime, as compared to Dune (better paced) and the LOTR extended editions (longer but flew by - incredibly well paced).

90% :tomato: 156 Reviews.

This looks like a must see flick. Revenge plot, but with a lot going on. I’m glad Hollywood can still make good new movies.

Trailer’s out. For all the Avatar maniacs.

I hope the story is worth a 13 year wait. I liked the first one okay, but never thought it was as good as the hype.

I totally expect avatar to flop. Movie wasnt that great in the first place, the box office was due to the technology used - but no one and I mean NON ONE, not even the nerd community still talk about it.

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I like the simulator ride at Animal Kingdom better than the movie


Read the book The Greatest Sci-Fi Movies Never Made from the author of Tales from Development Hell (which I assume contains the same phenomenon) to get great examples of how many writers and other creatives simply cannot adapt. They have to come up with their own ideas to put their own “special spin” on things. And the ideas are usually shit.