2022 Week 8 *Homecoming* Charlotte vs FIU 3:30 PM ESPN 3

We open, get this, as 17 pt favorites.


Take FIU and the points. If we don’t cover, you win money. If we cover, well…we WIN BIG!

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Looks like a great day for tailgating. The walk thru the gates will likely be a game time decision


We will have a decent amount of recruits at the game.


If you have nothing else to do you should come to this game. Excellent weather, homecoming, tailgating, and possibly a win.


This. It’s been a rough year, lets enjoy Saturday.


Yes. Saturday might be a nice respite from all the negativity. Let’s enjoy it.


Or will it??

Evil laughter in the background…

I kid. I kid .

I am looking for 2 more tickets. I have 2 more friends coming into town and want to join Niner nation for the game. Anyone not going or have any extra?


Chambers is a senior and was their best WR the last 2 years, posting over 1000 yards and 9 TDs in the 2021 season. He torched us on only 3 catches in last year’s game, racking up 201 yards and 2 TDs against our anemic pass defense(and awful tackling).

Keep an eye on whether or not he plays. I am betting he will.

88% chance of winning. What could go wrong???

Look at all that red on this chart!!!

If we lose this one…

Keep hearing about crazy defensive injuries and WR’s becoming DBs. Is there any chance the D gets healthier this week? The UAB outing while not great was kinda better than most of them!

Wow predicting us to hold them to 31 points?

Exciting to know that the winner goes on to have a terrible season and the loser is aiming to be the worse team in D! football.

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I’m of the opinion that college football should have a bottom 10 playoff - if you’re going to suck, may as well be the best at it. :rofl:

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A couple of game notes from a long time FIU fan:

  • We had something like 40+ players transfer when Butch left in the offseason. Which means we are young, have almost no depth, and every player is learning a new system.

  • We are bad. Worst I’ve ever seen. And that is saying something.

  • But back to bullet point one, there have been signs of improvement with each game. Although very incremental. Likely a product of being able to open up the playbook more and players recognizing their assignments.

  • I’m surprised the odds makers have ya’ll as such a heavy favorite. This makes me think they don’t expect Tyreese Chambers to play.

  • Historically, we always seem to have your number. So sleep on this team at your peril. (Hell, at 1-6 I would advise against sleeping on anyone)

  • Given homefield advantage, I think Charlotte wins in a close one.

Either way, hopefully it’s a competitive four quarters without any major injuries.

P.S. The win against Duke last year at home was one of the most entertaining games of last season.


clt welcomes our fiu fan. Classy visitor


Anyone need tickets for Saturday? Send me a DM.

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