2023-24 49er MBB Game #21 Charlotte vs ECU 2/3 2:00 PM ESPNU



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Keep this energy flowing Niners. LFG!!!




clt says the ecu fans are taking shots at outback, this will not stand

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clt is hearing they are calling the camp out area fearning man

Lets please make this a sellout! Encourage everyone you know to show up. Do not allow any tickets you possess to go unused.
Show up and be loud. Make it a party atmosphere like the Hornets 1.0 use to be.

Our city desperately needs a success story. Why not us?

Halton is magic when filled up. No other atmosphere like it. It’s all about fan experience. Hope we do something like the Hornets use to with music and party atmosphere. This is our chance!

One suggestion, free of charge. Play Neil Diamond - Sweet Caroline with a display message stating “Sweet 49.” Let’s have fun!!!


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Are you serious? Send this dude to the gulag! Thats Davidson’s song dumbass!


Yeah absolutely no sweet Caroline. Tar holes love it. Davidson loves it. It’s not for us.


So, Sweet 49 is Davidson’s song? Sweet Caroline is the Panthers song. No reason we cannot use the same song with our twist. Way to look for the positve.

By the way, I think we are on the same team. Are you a 49er? If so, where do you get off calling a fellow fan a dumb ass?

Advice: Save it for the opposing side.

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I could care less about the damn song. My point was to make it a fun, energetic atmosphere. I am amazed how people can find something negative in something that wasn’t intended to be nothing but positive.

It’s hard to have a great fanbase when some choose to eat their own.


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clt says land down under should be the song


It’s a small handful on here that are nasty for any opinion other than their own.

Don’t sweat it. Go Niners.

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This. Land Down Under and we go crazy. Can’t believe we haven’t already.


If you wanna party, just play…

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And make beer $.49

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Sellout used to be 9,105. So what’s the number for a sellout now that one entire upper end zone section of seats are retracted?

We lost about 800 seats according to Matt swierad.

Muse Uprising it is then!

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Yeah, I don’t think Davidson has a lock on Sweet Caroline.
Everyone plays it.

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