2023-24 49er MBB Game #22 Charlotte @ USF 2/6 9:00 PM ESPN2

Big game. Note the late start time.

ESPN2 is carrying it.

clt says the USF game is so BIGLY, 9pm tip after saturday and travel

if Fearne can coach em up for a W, sign the man on the flight home


This game has me pretty nervous. Every game has been a test because they’ve been to retain 1st place. This game is to not just retain but to sit there alone


We HAVE to be able to close out. Looking at USFs conf matchups, you will notice they are on a nearly constant incline throughout regulation, with a few exceptions. It will be a huge test for Fearne, proper rotations and defense will be needed to pull out an W on the road.

Biggest game of the Conference slate considering the quality of opponent, our remaining schedule and positioning to make a real run at the Conference Reg Season Title.

A win here is absolutely HUGE. This is a game we should not win but can win…and a coach that can steal this one on the road with everything that’s on the line for both teams…is definitely a coach you lock up.

Not expecting a win…but a win would be quite the statement to the fans…the admin…the AAC…and college basketball in general.

Certainly playing with house money on this one! Fun to be able to have this experience again as a fan.
Been a loooooooooong time.


This is exactly where I am. We almost certainly aren’t going to win out and this seems like one of the tougher games…house money, for sure.

Well said! A win would be amazing in this one but not expected. We can hopefully play free and loose…

I expect a win. No reason not to expect one. We are capable and every bit as good as USF.


From limited watching of USF they are a classic live by the 3 die by the 3 team. I think we will have a size advantage on them in height and lbs. in the paint. We should be able to post up their guards when they rotate small. Need to win this one in the paint and play physcial enough to kerp them off their marks on the 3. I think Youngblood fir them is the key. Will have to keep running fresh bodies at him all night. JT will be important off the bench on him.


We are, but road games are hard and winning 9 games in a row is even more difficult. Winning this would be absolutely huge for our odds of winning the aac in the regular season.

I won’t be let down by a loss (unless we get demolished and look outclassed), but I would be stoked if we get the W.

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From Pat Forde:



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“He shot 1.000 percent from the free-throw line”
Sounds like Chris Youngblood needs to work on his free throw shooting

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I don’t have cable but I do have a radio. Will it be broadcast on 92.7 FM?

The other sports station - ESPN 730 on the AM dial.

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Moved to Tampa back in October, and couldn’t be more stoked for this game! Never thought we’d see these two battling for first this late in the season. Definitely a toss-up, but I like our chances! Should be a fun one.

For any other alumni in Tampa area:



USF -2.5 to open


This is essentially a “pick ‘em” game with Vegas. The respect for this team is real