2023-24 49er MBB Game #23 Charlotte @ Temple 2/11 2:00 PM ESPN+


clt hopes for no OT so the team can get home for the swift bowl

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Three straight games against the bottom of the conference. Two of which are at home. We MUST win these to position ourselves for a big push in March. Goes without saying, hunh? I just had to say it.
Today we start a new conference win streak. :green_heart::pick::green_heart::pick::green_heart::pick:



Love playing at Temple! Old school A-10 game!!!

Absolute must win game.

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Ranking AAC’s top 7 teams based on difficulty of remaining games (using NET and RPI).

  1. Memphis (most difficult)
  2. FAU
  3. SMU
  4. South Florida
  5. North Texas
  6. UAB
  7. Charlotte (easiest)

On paper, we should finish Top 2.


Teams lose focus and lose games like this all the time. To me…this stretch may say more about Fearne’s leadership/coaching than even what he’s done to date. Getting motivated to beat a team you’re supposed to beat…especially when on the road…is one of the most challenging obstacles good teams face.

If he can keep the team’s focus and not have any let downs and win all of the games we’re supposed to win down the stretch…especially considering that we have the pressure of being in contention and being the hunted now…THAT will be the most impressive coaching job Fearne could pull off.



Well, that looked to be clearly off the Temple guy and out of bounds.

Very sloppy offensive possessions since the graves TO under our own basket…if we weren’t playing temple I think we’d be down!

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How did Reiber get minutes at Rutgers?

Awesome run of turnovers…

Game losing plays!!

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clt says having the ball is pretty important

Well, its clear they can’t score against our set defense. Must be stronger with the ball.

Apparently we have never won at Temple. Would nice to break that streak today.


Aaron has to see that Reiber and JT coming in together is nothing but a rythem killer.


Really sloppy basketball at this point. Hope we can stop turning it over and get some good shots. Feed Jackson!

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