2023-24 49er MBB Game #25 Charlotte vs Wichita State 2/18 Noon ESPN2

Sunday at noon is a terrible time. I can’t go as my daughters bday party is Sunday, but just not smart. I assume it’s for TV purposes. Hopefully those season ticket holders in the lower bowl can show up.

Sunday at noon seems like a great time. No school. No work.

People go to church and brunch with friends and such. It’s not a great time. 3 or 7 would have been a better Sunday time.

Skipping church to go to the game. Gotta’ win this one. Go Niners!

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1 or 2 on a Sunday would be best. 7 on a Sunday is awful.

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It’s not great, but I was just using realistic tv times . I think games are typically 12, 3, 7 (maybe 6).

I feel like later on a Sunday is better than during church hours but idk. I don’t go to church or have kids so maybe my perceptions are just off because any time for me is the same as any other.

Sunday at noon is a weird time for players also. Off schedule game times concern me. Most players are creatures of habit. Hopefully we come out with a purpose.


clt says hit brunch at hooters and then head to haltron

Noon Sunday is definitely an AAC time slot for ESPN games this year. I have watched several but will be making the drive to watch this one in person.

Competing with God vs nfl. Sadly, it’s probably good the nfl season is over. It’s okay to miss church if you make it up. God won’t count that against you.

For what it’s worth, the fau @ usf game is at noon too. I’m thinking we want fau to win this one to tighten up the standings at the top a bit and give usf a second conference loss. Of course, assuming we take care of our business and stay on pace for the #1 spot. I’ll be scoreboard watching while our NINERS put a SHOCK into wichita st.


Will Ron Baker be playing tomorrow?


It would be best except for the fact that the Daytona 500 is tomorrow at 2:30. We’re in NASCAR country my friend!

I would’ve preferred a Saturday

clt says that race ain’t happening tomorrow

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People still go to church?

Amazes me how fans complain about the day/time of a game. Granted it may be a challenge for some, if you have other plans, but it’s a three day weekend for many and tip time is being driven by TV which is a problem I gladly welcome.

Grabbing an early lunch and will be there ready to watch the NINERS protect home court.


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Not just church but the first Sunday of lent. For those that go to church this is the start of Easter season - pretty import for those of the faith. Even If I wasn’t hosting my daughters 8th party today we would likely would not have made the game because of church.

I understand it’s for TV and I do hope the crowd is good. Go Niners!

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clt adds this is just a comical poll

I commented not because it bothers ME. I commented because I know many others would probably be affected and thus possibly affect our attendance negatively.