2023-24 49er MBB Game #27 Charlotte @ Tulsa 2/24 8:00 PM ESPNU

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Top reasons why we hate Tulsa basketball.

  1. They are dirty.
  2. They suck.
  3. Their coach is an ass.

And their University is ugly as mud. I hope we beat them by 40 points. Foot on the throat time.

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I am sure both teams have been waiting on this one since the last one ended. I expect a closely officiated chippy match up.

Is this a must win game? It feels like it to me. I have to feel Fearne is doing his job for this one. I remember hearing him say something that sounded like “I’m not gonna forget this” to their coach based on how they handled the closing moments.

We gotta get that punch em in the mouth swagger back. I just hope the refs don’t take it away from us.



We have to keep our composure in all road games, in every situation or the refs will make us pay dearly like they did at mempiss.

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I know you always hear the first 4 minutes is crucial but i honestly think this game it is even more critical. Tulsa is going to try and get in our heads, especially Lu’Cye’s. I really hope Fearne has them mentally ready.

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Over the back??

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Lile the way they have started

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No fouls on Tulsa at the under 8 timeout.

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6 minutes to go in the half and has Tulsa really not fouled us?


Damn! Threadgill is playing ball! Best I have seen from him in a long time


Too bad Garcia isn’t hitting those 3s as a Niner. Could field a starting 5 with former players this season.

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Kinda like the city skyline on the court. I might like that on ours, but more understated

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Really liking this team. Dishon Jackson is playing great out there. *lol

Did I see that right a few minutes ago when Tulsa scored after getting their own rebound? We had at least 3 people all around the basket. How did we not get that rebound?

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What is it about a pretty decent Niner lead and the end of the half? 8-0 run by Tulsa. :roll_eyes:

Terrible defense the last few minutes.

Our bigs aren’t playing well in my opinion.