2023-24 49er MBB Games #4-5 - Charlotte @ Jacksonville Classic 11/19-20



ESPN matchup predictor favors us:

While PickdDawgs going with the Patriots.

George Mason, like Utah Valley, mostly a team of newcomers and that includes the coach. GMU alum Tony Skinn was an assistant under Kevin Willard at Maryland last season and replaced Kim English, who left Fairfax to become the coach at Providence. (As a player, Skinn was a member of the GMU 2006 Final Four team.) He brought in 10 new players to go along with three holdovers. Pats (3-0) are led by 6-7 sophomore G/F Keyshawn Hall (16.7 ppg, 10.7 rpg).

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Just reading the game notes and this is what it says about TV:

You get it for life though for $26.99

Are you paying?
  • I’ll pay the $27 and watch
  • I’m unable to watch so price doesn’t matter
  • $27 is too much. I would pay $10.
  • I’m not paying anything extra if I can’t get it on my existing platforms
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Wtf? Thought this was on ESPN+. If someone has a link, please pm. Not paying that :joy:


No other video option.

And there may be NO video option per what Matt’s been saying. Apparently fortunate to have a radio broadcast.

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You can purchase game online

Matt and Wilt have been discussing the broadcast issues since pregame, not to mention the logistics of where they are physically calling the game - from the bleachers! Sounds like purchase the vid option at your own risk.

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Igor coming in clutch with his free throw shooting!

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Niners win 54-49!


BTW, South Dakota State and UCF coming up next so we’ll know tomorrow’s opponent in the next 2+ hours.

Next up for George Mason is ECU. I’ll be pulling for GM in that matchup

What a game to watch! Not. :rage: Ridiculous it’s 2023 and can’t stream a game. Glad we pulled out a win though.

Shooting percentages didn’t look good. Jackson 1-11??!!