2023 49er Football Season 🏈

Exactly. There is a reason they don’t call the same plays for Jones. Unless our OC has something against him or wants to make himself look bad it just makes no sense why he wouldn’t call those plays if he thinks Jones can execute them. Jones has made some really great throws to receivers out past 10 or 15 yards but the few times I’ve seen him throw shorter touch passes he has either missed badly or thrown it to the defense. The two have completely different skill sets. We should have kept Xavier Williams who could pass & run & had 3 more years to keep improving.


Yeah losing him was a punch in the dick. No idea if the coaches didn’t want him or if he wasn’t feeling it with the new staff. If it’s the latter I understand. If we pushed him out, I’m not a fan of that decision.

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He waited to transfer until after the spring game so I feel like he was told he wasn’t going to start but that’s just me guessing.

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QB is the most important position in sports. When Poggi came in with all the buzz of 4 stars players I kept thinking who is going to be QB? Jones is a FCS journeyman and Ivey who was the 3rd or 4th string QB from the 2022 Niner squad. I honestly had no idea who Ivey was until two weeks ago. The first thing Poggi needs to think about when he wakes up in the morning is who is going to be my QB next season?

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You nailed it, this will be key to his tenure. Especially in this conference! Maybe he didnt realize that coming into the job??

He is a recruiter, so this Spring the QB he signs will be key.

I think a lot of people on here bought into all the “bravado” from Poggi and Saturday was a big disappointment. I am frustrated but not entirely surprised (been a Niner fan long enough to know better). We’ll see how the season shakes out, a lot of football left.



Or he saw and heard what Poggi and staff was doing and knew they were full of bs. We should have seen that as a foreboding sign of the year to come and pulled all support then. We could have driven Poggi out if we had really thought about it.


I think we have to look at Poggi’s motivation. He was wanting to draw attention to the program to improve recruiting. He also wanted to build up the confidence of the players to make them think they could win. But this has put more pressure on him to win now.

Just happened to think…all of the “low expectation” media print outs hanging in the locker room for motivation can still be left up and used for motivation…they just now reflect our goals for the year!!

C’mon guys…see if you can get to 3.5 wins!!

I had lunch with some AD folks over the summer and they asked if I was excited about Biff. I said well I love his talk but the reality is we hired a guy with less college HC experience than Will. So I was going to with hold Judgement and not get overly excited and still expected this to be a multi year turn around. I wanted to be surprised if it went faster vs let down when it didn’t.


How many kids are dying to play QB here after 1) All the talk of running the ball, 2) Watching the first few games? If I’m a QB recruit I’ll take my chances almost anywhere else, but I could be wrong. I agree, but it seems like a tall order

DOBA. I wouldn’t come hand the ball off if I could throw

I expect a 3-9 season.

But if we win in Greenville, I’ll be happier than a pig covered in shit.


Only so many FBS QB jobs. Better to come here and throw it 10-15 times a game than to sit the bench.

Welp, we’ve got the type of guy you just described right now. Enjoy!!!

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Not sure how, but not this week:

I’ve never liked Warren Sapp but I listened to this long interview recently and agree with his take (13:00 mark) that “defense does not win championships” in modern football. A good defense helps you get there but need a good QB and need to score at least 30 points per game. I think this goes for the NFL and college.

As for the Niners what are we doing to put ourselves in the position to score 30 points per game?

Sapp is right. History is replete with franchise QBs winning championships, and very limited on teams with good defense but bad QB play winning anything.

You still have to score points to win, last I checked.

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One more challenge is being real with the level of talent you can get with what you want to run. I recall asking Lambert about why a 3/4 defense vs 4 down. And he said D lineman are hard to find and very hard to find at our level and finding an athlete overlooked that can be impactful from a LB spot was more likely than a Dlineman. Mot sure how real Biff is with talent level he can get vs what he wants to run.

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