2023 49er Football Week #13 Charlotte at USF 11/25 7:30 PM ESPNU




Should we focus on Rice first? That is a very winnable match up.

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There’s a Rice thread too. I just started this one since the game time & TV coverage were announced.

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Love it when home basketball games conflict with road football games on tv. NOT!

Why 7:30? I know it’s “south” Florida, but it can’t be warm enough to require a night game.

Also surprised to get another national TV game. USF may have bowl eligibility on the line, but it’s not compelling enough for national TV.

Biff Effect?

have you seen some of the matchups on ESPN networks? Its as “compelling” as a lot of others.


Yes, let’s ruin their presumed final shot at bowl eligibility/homecoming to end the season on a positive note. Their fans deserve it since they obviously shouldn’t even be in the same league as us. :roll_eyes:



It will be interesting to see if we show any fight in this one.

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I’d love to see USF just short of bowl eligibility. They were by far the most obnoxious fan base when we joined the AAC

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Would love to see what else we have at QB. Nothing against Ivey or Jones but would like to see Bowens, Shoffner or Johnson get a shot here. We have nothing to lose.

I think we should have given Dom a legit shot much earlier on.


Go with kids that want to be here next year and see what the produce on the field wit their effort.


If we haven’t given the other QB’s a shot by now I think the writing is on the wall.
Agree with playing kids that want to be here next year. Evaluate talent time.

clt says this would be very valuable info for responsible betters

The win. Only the win. And nothing but the win.

That has to be the goal.

You put in the players that you believe can deliver a win.

No experiments.

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They are nowhere near as bad as Memphis fans.

True, but Memphis actually has winning teams. Usf had like 5 teams with winning records last year and one was sailing.

I get it, none of the QBs have surpassed Neal Lomax, but why so negative by name for Ivey in the PC’s and so vague about other players who aren’t up to snuff. If you call out 11, call out the others or not at all. Can’t see why a HS QB or Portal kid would sign up for this abuse in the media.