2023 AAC Football - Week 0 Schedule, News, & Discussion

Just one game on the AAC Docket in Week Zero, but it’s a pretty high profile one, and it’s being played in Ireland!

Navy are 20.5 or dogs to Notre Dame:


Navy debuts their new Head Coach:


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This is the stadium the game will be played in:

Capacity: 51,700

I freaking love soccer stadiums. That’s damn sexy.


Wild seeing AAC Navy vs Irish in Dublin on NBC


That’s one heck of a tailgate party. Hartman is playing great. I don’t know if Navy is bad or ND is that great. Navy’s defense is not looking good.


That was utter domination in the first half. Surprised to see Notre Dame run the ball like they are on them.

I’ve heard different things about Hartman, but he basically looks like a Hollywood actor playing QB. And he put up Hollywood #s in the first half too.

I think we’ll be able to run on navy. Pass too. :stuck_out_tongue::flushed::roll_eyes:

Finally points for the Midshipmen!