2023 AAC Football - Week 1 Schedule, News & Discussion

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Some big games for the league this week. Some chances to get cred or to lose it fast. Which games are you watching? Where is the league going to shine?

I’m hoping ECU can play a competitive game in Ann Arbor.

USF over WKU would be a low key but very strong outcome for the league.

Higher profile would be UNT taking down Cal. And UTSA really needs to beat Houston - this is a huge game for them - their biggest until they play Tennessee on 9/23.

I saw someone pick USA over Tulane. I’m not buying it, but apparently USA is going to be very good this season, so that game could be closer than many expect.

Could be a .500 type week for the aac unfortunately. Hopefully not, but ecu and rice are in no win situations and there are several 50/50 matchups.

We will be watching ECU - Michigan in the parking lot.

That’ll be exciting for about 15 minutes.

We will find out how important Biff was to UM recent success :smiley:

A ECU win would be amazing for AAC but their fans would be awful. Think I’d like them to make it a game then lose…… in heartbreaking fashion would be perfect. I always put hatred over common conference good. :man_shrugging:t3:


UAB better watch out, that’s a danger game.

The only AAC team I wish a losing season on is USF. IMO they are the most dreadful online community to interact with.

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The old Sunbelt, Metro and CUSA 1.0 hate for UAB, USF and Memphis is real. ECU is just easy to hate. Throw in Temple from A10 days and I have no shortage of hate for these schools - been hating some of them for well over 30 years… just nice to be able to hate them in football finally!



clt looks forward to watching aac wins at the tailgate, then it is bo time in the rich!


Tulsa and UAB playing tonight. Debut of Trent Dilfer against A&T. Big line (-23.5), but I think it will be interesting.

Tulsa (-38.5) should roll though.

Both games are at 8pm EST on ESPN+.


Tulsa was down 7-0 to UAPB. Switched QBs and scored TDs on the next 2 possessions. 14-7.

UAB is up 14-3 on A&T but not dominating. A&T has made some plays and looks pretty decent.

clt doesn’t like tulsa and those points to cover



Only UAB covered, but the final scores were pretty much as expected.

The story of these games was Tulsa QB Cardell Williams (13/14, 233 yds, 3 TD) who came in after starter Braylon Braxton was ineffective (1-4, 9 yds, 2 INT), and made plays like this:




I really don’t wanna hear a WORD about our attendance…

This team just bought their way into the ACC. Boy are their fans hyped!