2023 AAC Football - Week 13 News, Schedule, Discussion


clt says the aac championship game will be on abc






SMU putting 42 points up in the first 20 minutes. Oh my

Starting QB done for the season I bet. That leg twisted the way it wasn’t supposed to.

clt will be glad to have Army replace smu

FAU finishes the season 4-8 yet they somehow beat us like a drum. With the win today Rice is going bowling.

diane lane GIF by Pop TV

clt says that is a strong start for cougars

A team that good deserves fans in their stadium.

We finished the conference schedule tied for 11th with Tulsa, a team we beat.


  • Beat ECU at ECU to take the first win in what hopefully will be a great rivalry series.
  • Beat Tulsa at Tulsa in OT.
  • Should have beat conference champ contender Memphis.
  • Didn’t finish last.


  • Poggi is learning on the job.
  • Injuries piled up fast in 2nd half.
  • Lost winnable games against Navy and Georgia St.
  • Didn’t bowl…again.
  • Need a decent QB badly.
  • Should have beat conference champ contender Memphis.

Also, this is depressing:

Florida Atlantic 3-5 (4-8) - finished tied 9th
Charlotte 2-6 (3-9) - finished tied 11th