2023 AAC Football - Week 4 News, Schedule, Discussion

Some last chances for quality non-conference wins for the league… SMU, Memphis, UTSA. Not holding out hope for FAU (lost QB), or UAB. Tulsa winning at NIU might be a sneaky good win. Curious if Temple will be competitive in their game. Haven’t seen them play yet.

Are any of the first year head coaches in the AAC off to a good start? FAU’s weak start is the biggest surprise to me. I was always skeptical of Trent Dilfer at UAB seems like another coach just full of hot air.

To me the surprises of the league so far are FAU (disappointing) and Rice, though the latter has a new QB not a new coach.

I think a lot of this and Colorado’s success is showing me just how important having a quality starting QB is in college, just like the pros.

FAU Just lost their starting QB, so things could get worse? Maybe?

Rice has gone from 23.23 ppg in 2022 to 37.33 in 2023. Thank you JT Daniels. People made fun of him being at his 6th school or whatever but I’d take him… instant upgrade.

We went from 24.42 for 2022 to 23.00 for 2023, after losing our QB.

That says it all to me.



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TCU up 17-10 on SMU early in the 3rd.

Tulane’s Pratt needs to take it easy for a few weeks, he is such a good runner he just cant help himself!

clt says it awesome to scroll across yttv and see aac games all over the networks

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Trending towards a P5 beat down today.

Tennessee is mauling UTSA, but they may have just hurt Joe Milton.

The Rice - USF game is crazy.

USF, up 20-14, fumbles the ball going into the end zone. Rice recovers and takes a knee in the end zone. Next play from scrimmage, JT Daniels throws an 80 yard TD to a wide open WR. Tie game with Rice about to attempt the PAT.

What a huge turn of events in just a few seconds.


Worried that we look too embarrassing?

Nicholls State says “don’t worry fam… we got this”




Begging to be stolen…

Looks like another tough week for AAC football.

Ughh, not a good year so far for AAC.

Seems wide open for Top 2 to make Championship game.