2023 AAC Football - Week 6 News, Schedule, Discussion


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I already made the Bye week is favored over us joke, but I like the implementation here. :rofl:

So obviously I want to win all our games, but if we beat ECU and lose the rest I’ll be able to have enjoyed the season for all the LoLs I’ll have.

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It would do two things. Would put us undefeated against ECU in football and would seal Houston’s fate.


UConn is decent but that loss wasn’t a good look for the AAC.

Looks like we are likely to cede the Access Bowl spot to the MWC unless Tulane finishes really strong.

UNTs defense is not good. But they can throw the ball, which is Navy’s kryptonite the times I have watched them. Not sure what to make of that game as it pertains to us. It was very even except for UNTs 2 TOs to Navy’s zero. Guess the lesson there is we had better not turn the ball over. Also Navy held UNT to 2-11 on 3rd down (gulp). UNT did still average 5.7 yards per run, and 206 rushing yards so they did have some success with what we prefer to do.

UTSA is starting to play better on offense. They could possibly spoil a contender’s hopes.

And that UAB / USF score. UAB went the F off. Are they suddenly good or was USF’s revival a sham? UAB averaged 12.2 yards per pass play and 5.3 yards per run. Both exceptional. 608 total yards, despite only going 3-12 on 3rd downs. The 3 USF TOs probably had a lot to do with it, and the success of 1st & 2nd downs. UAB was also 3-4 on 4th down.

USF had 408 yards in the game and good success rushing. Their yards per pass were poor though at only 5.3.


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