2023 AAC Football - Week 9 News, Schedule, Discussion


SMU scores on a 74 yard TD pass on the 2nd play of the game. Tulsa has given up a first drive score in seven of their eight games this year.

SMU is a 20.5 pt favorite (started at 19.5). Tulsa is our next opponent.

14-0 SMU.

Tulsa looks pretty bad. SMU is making plays though. Hell of a 4th down stop followed by a pro level deep ball sideline catch by their WR.

28-3. Pick 6. SMU is rolling.

I think SMU and and Tulane are head and shoulders above everyone else except maybe UTSA.


Still 11:38 left in the 2nd quarter!!

This is gonna be an issue. Tulsa is either gonna be despondent or looking to right the ship against us.



Holy smokes, what a beat down.

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Good heavens. I don’t know if i have seen a beat down like this with two teams in the same conference. Wow!

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Welcome to the AAC Army you’ll fit right in! Army is currently losing to 1-7 UMass in the 4th 21-7.

Why didnt Williams play the full game at QB for Tulsa? Im scared of him next week but if he doesnt play, their other QB may not be so bad (for us).

ECU is battling in San Antonio. Down 34-20, but not being embarrassed. They are trying to cut it to one score.

Watching Tulane v Rice game. Damn, there is no one at that game. There are so few, you can actually hear individual people screaming in the stands on TV. One would think playing a Top 25 team and with a good Conference record, more would be in attendance. There can’t be more than a few thousand (and I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt)

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I know it’s a big country but it’s so surreal for it to be like 82 here today while Colorado St and Air Force are playing in the snow.

Guarantee that Rice claims 20k or more.