2023 NCAA Clemson Regional (ESPN)

We’re in the dance for the 2nd time in 3 years!! Selection show is at noon today.

All the projections I’ve seen put us as the 3 seed in Winston-Salem. That means we’re probably not going to Winston-Salem.

Regional hosts:



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According to WCNC, this is the first time we have ever made the NCAA Baseball Tournament. :roll_eyes: Yes, I sent them an email to correct. I hope others do also. It is sad that a Charlotte station can’t get it right. It’s not like it’s been a decade since our last appearance. Still a great day to be a Niner!

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To their credit, they changed it! Well done! Go Niners!

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Bring on Wake!

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WCNC? New TV station in town?

I am not certain that SC State Troopers would allow the Niners bus to get to Columbia

clt says the power of college baseball is certainly in the southeast


We got Tennessee! Then we beat the Tigers!

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Let’s go!

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I love the espn guys talking about the UT and Clemson match-up.

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Now we need ticket info !

Yes…i was about to post the same .

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Per Clemson website, IPTA members get first shot and remaining go on sale Wed. IIRC 430 pm.
Expect sellouts.

Shit. ESPN is ACC, always been chocked full of Tarhole “journalists”

I think Pete Rose would bet on the Niners!

Why would they be concerned about a game in the losers bracket?

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Exactly what i was thinking. :slight_smile:

Surely Charlotte gets an allotment of tickets though, right?

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Pretty sure we got 500 at ECU 2 years ago.

Looks like we play UT Friday evening at 6:00, on ESPNU. I like it!

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