2023 Spring Game observations

For those of us who couldn’t make it, please fill us in! Who looked great? What stood out? We’re going undefeated right?? Spill the deets!!

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Will we have top 15 defense?
  • Yes
  • Biff be smokin

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HBO cameras in Jerry’s house?

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Not much you could tell the way the teams were split up. White team ran against the green defense like every team did against us last year. Byrd ran in 9-10yd chunks. Jones looked very good. Accurate, poised, didn’t force any bad throws, made good reads and good decisions…but was never pressured (by the green defense).

Green defense definitely will NOT be top 15…or the White OL is legit.
Vice versa…the White defense was much better but maybe the Green OL was not very good.
Hard to tell with everyone split up how good we can really be on OL or on Defense.

Williams was not good but the White defense was all over him. Durelle Robinson was also swarmed nearly every time behind the line of scrimmage too.

Foster was the 5th QB that played…and came out looking better than everyone but Jones (then I left).

Long run by Hahsaun WIlson was impressive…like he was shot out of a cannon and I had no idea who he was.

WR from Colorado (Hestera) looked good too.

Nothing else really stood out to me.


Jaylon Jones is our QB

Our White defense is better. I am not sure the “draft” wasn’t predetermined by Poggi.

Stone Handy is going to be the man, so long as he stays healthy, somewhat humble and watches the football at the snap. It’s obvious the guys look to him to be the leader. Whether he can get to know his teammates and be their leader is to be determined.

We have a tight end.

Byrd looks ready already.

We are definitely bigger on both offensive and defensive lines; starters and reserves.

Clowney had a very nice play

The DB’s are much improved, will HAM, and will defend the pass much better than any previous team I have seen here


Consider a few things too. Many guys out with injuries, plus guys signed but not yet enrolled plus the new guys we will sign

Jones looked good, overall we look bigger and more athletic.


Who do you think our tight end is?

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Whoever caught the 5 yard out early on where he lowered his helmet for a loud extra helmet to helmet gain.

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That’s why I wonder if the draft was legitimate. Maybe Poggi wanted to see how DR handled adversity with the odds stacked against him. Williams was restricted in that same way. Also, all running QB’s were called down with only one touch. Many a QB run could have been for way more yards in a real game.

Also, same old Foster. All the talent in the world, but erratic and bipolar performance.

Byrd ran his freaking ass off.

I thought that Jones looked like the best QB, the TE is really good, and the lines are both noticably bigger. Shadrick Byrd was running through huge holes most downs, and his open field running skills produced some big gains. He looks to be a potential big time benefactor of the improved O line. Stone Handy had like 5 offsides from early jumps. The DB from CHeat was solid. I hope Carson Black didn’t hurt himself too bad on a meaningless last play of the game.

I really cannot tell you how good we are until we have all of our players (e.g. neither of the Michigan guys played) and we have all of our 1s on the field at the same time against a decent opponent. A lot of guys that I don’t think will play all that much got a bunch of snaps tonight.

Yeah . It was half a team against half a team, but Gators, Cocks, Maryland, Navy…our guys got way more work to put in to even get competitive for next season. HOWEVER, I see no reason why they can’t succeed if they continue to push like they have. Very pleased with tonight


Agree with these assessments. One thing that also impressed me is the transfer punter from Youngstown St. (Gonya #44) That guy has a leg!


Yeah that guy has a cannon. We were counting hang time. 4.5 secs with good distance was average. Those seem like NFL #s to me.


That’s a huge change

Tailgate was great


Maybe it was just me but the biggest thing I noticed that hasn’t been mentioned was Biff had on sleeves. Anyone else catch that?


Jalen Jones is our starter. He’s a great running ability and accuracy. Stone handy is a beast, but he needs to learn to watch the ball because he was called for offsides four times. Jack Hestera and Jack Reynolds played really good at the receiver spot. Osita Ekwonue play the monster game as well as Maguire Neal.

It seemed like we had a good crowd, but it is hard to cheer when both the offensive defense are the good guys. Also, there’s only a couple of big plays where the crowd got into. How would this crowd compare to previous spring games, can anybody comment on that?

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Sounds like we have a QB to focus on as QB 1 thru the summer!, as that is really important because the majority of our competition has them locked in.

In AAC will need to be 2.5 deep
to get thru a season and be competitive that may take a few years to get there.

How was attendance compared to past Springs?