2024 College Hoops Coaching Carousel

Well, guess there’s a possibility of another vacancy in the AAC with Hunter and Kennedy apparently in the mix.


West Virginia loses 3 players to transfer portal following Huggins’ resignation

Been interesting reading all the rumors about the WVU opening. One had Beilein returning but nixed so as to avoid a player revolt and transfers, as well as donor dissatisfaction, with that choice. Of course, that proved incorrect since three have entered the portal.

And now it’s being “reported” that another three will stay but only if one of Huggins’ assistants is retained.

Then there’s the petition calling for Huggins to be reinstated, as well as the posted tirade of one of Huggins’ daughters who, among other things, claims her father doesn’t have a drinking problem and called the WVU prez and AD backstabbers.

Yep, pretty sure Baker would love to still be in Denton overseeing UNT’s move to the AAC!

Eilert one of Huggins’ assistants, as is former Duquesne HC Everhart. Calhoun a one time assistant who is now HC at Youngstown State. And, of course, AK too is a member of the Huggins’ coaching tree.



clt says what an embarrassment for the wvu AD! heard they were turned down because of $ and had to settle for an assistant coach


With the portal and off cycle timeframes for both us and WVU, I really think you gotta go interim and it’s a waste to try and do different. The only way you actually try to hire someone is if you were firing that coach because of toxicity. Otherwise, you are at the mercy of the portal, your choices not wanting to move off cycle, etc.


Big 12 conference and a program that has had a lot more success the last 2 decades than our program. It seems like they ended up in the same exact spot as us. Im not a Hill apologist, but some on here should eat crow after seeing even WVU had the same experience as us.




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That search firm is pretty consistant!

Did they use the same one?

Could they make the word INTERIM any bigger in that graphic!?!? :joy:



Going to be interesting to see how things work out in Morgantown. While Eilert has been with Huggins since K-State, only just promoted to assistant coach this past season. No head coaching experience at any level, though fellow assistant Ron Everhart has 18 years as a D-I HC, most recently at Duquesne.

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Its hard to get a coach this late in the season without overpaying. I think we should have a better list of candidates next season. no reason to rush and screw it up just because people insist on getting something going. especially after the few screw ups

the one thing I am wondering is do we have a shot of landing any of the wvu players that just hit the transfer portal? :melting_face:

No, we don’t. All will end up at a P6.

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Ya think?! :roll_eyes:



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Maybe he was drunk when he resigned? :beers: