2024 College Hoops Coaching Carousel


Does he coach again?

No one is touching him for a while. Probably a year at least.

Yep, definitely going to have to address his substance abuse issues before anyone considers taking a chance on him.

Its interestimg to see their list of names being, what…75% matching ou4 list that had been floated around the last few weeks.

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I’m curious to see who the land… cause “you can’t get anyone good in June” at least that’s what we were told I guess…


Huggins turns 70 this year.

I could see him as a color commentator on tv.



I hope they don’t hire Adam Fearne away

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I know a program that has some openings.

Man definitely has a “Basketball Jones”:



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Yes, there is no difference between our situation and theirs. They are a P5 that paid Huggy $ 3-4 million.

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Now now, Mr Bo, stop trying to be rational and drop facts. You should know by now that doesn’t matter…

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WV only has 6 days left before their search is exhausted, right?

WV should hire this guy

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This is starting to look familiar. It’s even hard for the P5 to find a coach this time of year.