2024 Football Recruiting Thread

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Charlotte Catholic TE


Great to see CCHS represent. One of the Best TE’s in the nation, now going to ND from this year and this kid right behind him.

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If this commit holds up it is a great addition

Great addition why? Serious question. Know something more than what’s written there? His one liner of stats isn’t impressive. Offer list isn’t that impressive. He maybe has good size though at least if that height is accurate.


I think any time we can get a commit from almost anyone getting an offer from a P5, Maryland, is great. Just my feelings, you may not agree but that’s how I feel

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Big dude with big arm. Either his competition looked a bit weak or he is just already a big, badass man child. Throws look pretty effortless. A bit of a slow release, but he is big enough to take on hits.

Nice get. You can’t coach a 5’10 dude to play 6’5

Pretty impressive in those highlights.

I always like to see to video highlights, keeping in mind they never show you the lowlights. Definitely good if we beat Maryland.

I don’t discount Xavier Williams’ performances. Played in 6 games, 67 yd run, 4 TD’s total, under less than adequate circumstances…We all saw that dude can play QB. He might be our best QB right now. We will see.

The best video highlights I have seen from QB’s on our roster and including this 2024 commitment was of Carson Black. We will see what the freshman can do when those big star Niner dogs are in his face in April. Hell, I am a bit scared of Stone right now

Stone is one scary dude. He hasn’t played in a while so let’s hope he is hungry and angry.

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His HS stats as a Junior were pretty good.
144-236 2759 yards 28 TD 5 Int 38 rush 141 yards 4 TDS rushing.

Oh by the way the team he QB went 14-0 and won a state Championship last year. HS players are subject to the system they plan in so he did what his coach asked him to. Win the games. A year ago we don’t make this kids top 10. This is exciting because it’s progress.

Think about this. He turned down a Big 10 offer from a school 40 minutes away to commit to Charlotte. His family went from a 40 minute drive to college park to a 6 hour and 40 minute drive to see him play. It’s easy to look at a stat line and marginize a commit. But this is major and I’m genuinely excited that he made the commitment. I guarantee when summer passing camps roll around his offer sheet gets loaded.


He also had other solid offers besides Maryland and im guessing he will end up with more

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I would expect he receives an offer from either Texas or Texas AM with additional P5 offers coming. Solid pickup. Cant coach size.

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6’4 205 LB :star::star::star::star:

This guy is a beast with multiple offers. Would be a huge get. Poggi time.