2024 Football Recruiting Thread

LB. Memphis & Wake (OV) have offered. Taking an OV to Duke this weekend.

Troy and EMU have offered. Visiting Vandy and I think Ga State.

Got a feeling we are gonna see a whole bunch of offers.

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Yeah. Have noticed when we go to a new location/ school offers fly out. Totally different animal than in the past. Size and experience of the staff and how to recruit is on another level.

Think they offer about 6-7 players from Sourh Pointe (rock Hill)


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I am seeing loads of offers to classes of '24 and '25 being made. I realize that all will commit, but what happens more commit than there are allowable?

Itโ€™s not uncommon in football to have uncommitrable offers. A school has to accept your commitment. If they change their minds or want to hold out to see if someone they want more commits, they can keep players waiting or turn them down and rescind the offer.

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