2024 MBB Recruiting Thread 🏀

Per Lieberman, Niners have contacted 6-1 PG Jaye Nash of Briarcrest Christian HS in Eads, TN near Memphis. Already holds offers from Alabama, Memphis, and Ole Miss.



Per Phenom, Niners have expressed interest in 6-5 PG Sir Mohammed of Myers Park HS. Son of retired NBA C Nazr Mohammed - played for Charlotte 2007-11 - and now GM of G League Oklahoma City Blue and scout for parent club OKC Thunder.


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Offered back in January:

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No mention of the Niners, so not sure if we’re still interested:

In our back yard and no mention of Charlotte?

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Technically, he’s in queens back yard.

Got it. Queens, THE University of Charlotte.

We better get with the name change swiftly. I have heard if we do not want the name, they do. They are already moving up to D1.

God that would suck so bad. Talk about name confusion. Little old Queens would force us to change our name back to UNCC. Ugh - I hope Gaber’s paying attention. Somebody e-mailing her?

What’s the story with their basketball coach - they still have that one - can we hire him?

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No, Bart Lundy took the Milwaukee job this spring. Opportunity lost.

Are they seriously considering changing their name to the university of charlotte?

They already are Queens University of Charlotte. If the majority of people confuse us with Chapel Hill, imagine the confusion with this. Especially with the national media now that they’ll see a lot more press coverage in D1.

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Hmmmmmm, I don’t know. As long as they have queens in the name I think we are safe.

Still. It’s a great motivator to push hard for the final name change.

Again I don’t care if it’s u of charlotte or charlotte state. Just give us our own definitive non confusing name. Like so many others in our system have. It’s ridiculous.

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We are still interested after all!