2103 Week 12 start? Keenum or Romo?

Who to start? Keenum vs Jax(at home) or Romo vs NYG on the road. Yahoo has Keenum. CBS has Romo. Espn has Romo. Some have Keenum fairly far down the QB list. But I think I like him at home against a bad Jax pass defense, vs Romo on the road at below freezing NYG.

clt says go with romo.

TRLeader says if you are choosing between these 2 QB’s then your fantasy record cannot be good. If you won’t make your fantasy playoffs…then it doesn’t matter who you start.


Choose Romo, but both suck

clt has to decide between Brees, Newton and Brady.


Choose Romo, but both suck[/quote]

Thanks both for the valuable input. Romo is currently 5th in total points among QBs on Yahoo. Keenum is 6th in points/game. In my 12 team fantasy league that puts you in the playoffs.

Being a Giants Fan,… I advise you to start Keenum… He’s going to get destroyed this week

Just a shot in the dark here…

I’d start Romo