3 shot at house party, including [Charlotte] football player

(Shot, not killed)

A spokesman for UNC Charlotte identified one of the victims as Prince Mayela, a 5-foot-10, 175-pound free safety on the team’s football team.

clt says mike p just came.

Expect an in depth series of stories on how this is horrible.

This just means we are officially a bigtime football school.


One of the others shot was App St player Tashion Singleton, who apparently is stable now.

He was recruited by Lambert, met him at a grocery store last year collecting donations for charity. Seemed like a well rounded kid. Bad situation.

Wondered how soon something like this was going to happen: 9 months before we even play one damn game. >:( :frowning:

Wait, three people get shot, one of them is a Niner, and our response is “there goes the neighborhood”?

i’ve never laid eyes on prince, but our reaction here has a lot more to do with the generally sad state of college athletics and the really sad news we’ve gotten used to than it does with young mr. prince. he might be complicit in all sort of bad stuff, but we don’t know that. he just got shot.

That does it, no more West Charlotte house parties for me. Who knew that area could be so dangerous?

All it takes is one asshole for stuff like this to happen.
Really sad, hope everyone recovers fully.

This is why we can’t have nice things…

Any updates on this??

[quote=“Mr. Bojangles, post:14, topic:27135”]Any updates on this??[/quote]Prince and Singleton are fine.

Updated article. Prince was shot in the hip.