4.30.19 discussion

Under lockdown now, rumor is 3 victims.

I have heard 6 victims with suspect in custody.

Prayers for the victims and families. Unthinkable.

Dang guys. That is terrible news. My prayers are with the victims and your school. No one is safe anywhere anymore.

does anyone know how to get updates on this? the Observer is showing nothing so far.

The internet is a horrible place. I recommend not reading comments on the national articles. People already trying to politicize it. Worst one saying it occurred at a free rap concert (the comment definitely had racial tones) even though it was the other side of campus and nothing to do with it.

Re: news sources. sadness added to tragedy.

I would suggest don’t promote this suspect’s name. Don’t give evil people publicity.


already out there

I finally got home. Does anyone know if CNN went live from campus?

CNN?? Really??

Name confusion log people, Man your battle stations!

And before some respond, shhhhhh. What happened is terrible.

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The name might be out there but know need to repeat the name.

That’s one of the reasons I don’t watch the movies or read books about killers. I think it’s very wrong to give them that audience that they really want.

“We’ll get through this together. That’s the way the Niners are.”

Well said Phil Dubois. Thank you.


Just awful. I feel for the families and friends of those that died, they had a whole life ahead of them. And for the students that survive, the trauma must be terrible, how would you concentrate in a classroom again after experiencing something like that?

Who all is planning on going to the vigil on campus tonight?

BREAKING: # UNCC Chancellor Phillip Dubois says on WBT the students killed are:
Ellis Parlier, 19, of Midland, NC
Riley Howell, 21, Waynesville, NC

BREAKING: Those shot and injured at # UNCC according to Chancellor Phillip Dubois on WBT are (spellings are unconfirmed):
Drew Pescaro, 19, of Apex, NC
Sean Dehart, 20, of Apex, NC
Rami Alramatin, 20, Saudi Arabia
Emily Haupt, 23, Charlotte