49er Athletic Giving Email

Love the balls on Mike Hill.

After the worst November of Niner athletics in quite some time (Soccer flame out, Football nose dive, Basketball embarrassment men and women)…the combined records of Soccer, Football, MBB & WBB in November was 6-11-1…not the best time to ask for MORE money.

I get the AAC move…but after a couple of years where I donated out of faith, hope and belief in a turn around and donated til it literally hurt…don’t think I got any left. And I’m talking money…faith, belief and hope. It’s all gone.

But here comes Mike…
Hey…all that record fundraising we’ve done over the last few years…well, it’s not helping. Football and basketball are still in the shitter and due to contract extensions there’s nothing we can do but ride it out until ANOTHER failed rebuild is started…but can you give us more!!!

Uh…no Mike. I can’t. And I won’t.

clt says they need to send out swag with the thank you letters for donations.

the office swag GIF

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It sounds like Hill gave much of your donations and others secretly to Sanchez for apparently not doing much more than being on the payroll and grinning when called on. Pretty poor form on Hills part.

I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten this same end of year email for the past several years in December. The only difference this year is this statement:

Our recent announcement of the upcoming move to The American Athletic Conference has been met with great interest and enthusiasm. This step also comes with a need for additional funding in order to be competitive in a league of that caliber. To that end, we will be launching an exciting annual fund campaign in the New Year that will highlight our move and pave the way to our future success.

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You ain’t wrong.

Yep this is an annual letter so people make last minute donations for tax advantages. Bad timing for sure but would have been sent no matter the outcome of any game etc.

Do NOT try and stop us from complaining about nothing!!!