49er Basketball Hoop Set

No, not a real set but this one is pretty cool if any of you have kids or any of you just want one for yourself as decor or for use.

Bed, Bath and Beyond (S.Blvd @ 485 location) has these really cool mini hoop sets. The backboards are 20" across and it comes with a grapefruite sized (inflatable) basketball, rim, net and air pump. The backboard and ball are both Niner (new) logo and look really sharp. These aren’t those dinky little nerf ones…these are very nice actually and pretty big. They were $19.99 but it’s not hard to get a 20% coupon for B, B and B.

Would make a nice gift for someone or for yourself. Actually, I was surprised they had Niner ones because the only others were Clemson. They’re hanging up on the wall directly in front of you, when you walk in the door. And there are more in the back in the bedding department.

Nice exposure, if nothing else because several years ago, you would never expect to see something like that.

I bought one last year at a game. It’s a great item to hang in your office or something.

Nice to hear it’s other places besides just at our games.

JCL, are they patterned the same as these?

BB&B College Hoops Sets

Naturally, they don’t have Charlotte on their website. <_<

Yep X, exactly the same product. They’re sharp, as far as mini-goals go. Thought about getting one for the closet door in my computer room. Probably won’t ever use it but it looks cool.

FYI: 20% off coupon for B, B and B on page 6A of the Observer today.