49er Campus Painting By David French - Round Two


Several years ago, I organized a group buy for a painting of our first football game by David French. Most of you are probably familiar with him as he has hundreds of paintings of Charlotte’s skyline and notable landmarks, restaurants, and more.

I spoke with him today as I was picking up Christmas gifts, and he offered to do a second UNC Charlotte themed painting if we can get enough interest in purchasing the prints.

Step one is ideas for what people would actually like to purchase a painting of. My thought was either a painting of Halton from atop the stairs leading down to Halton or a view of the football stadium from the hill between Grigg and Duke Halls.

I would love to get more ideas and put them up for a vote. I’ll then organized a GoFundMe for people to purchase. If we hit 30ish purchases, he will make the painting.


id be in for one


Another idea is the view of campus from the path going towards Woodward Hall from the football stadium.

Since we no longer have the belk tower, that is probably the most iconic view of campus in my mind.


I think the view of the union from the top of the steps next to Halton (at the base of the library) is a fairly used/iconic image as well.


CHP sitting on top of the Belk Tower


clt wants the belk plaza. The signature image of our campus


I have one of the football ones in my office. Its awesome.


get him to paint that new fountain in belk plaza


I will if he agrees to paint all buyers into the photo peeing into it. We can give the original to Phil for his office.


I don’t recall the one from a few years ago. What’s the going rate for prints once they’re available? I may be interested.


Typically around $50 I think. They might have been $40 last time. They were fairly large. I think we sold about 40.


Belk Tower.


Preacher Gary at the Belk Tower, condemning CHP for not honoring the Belk Tower


i like the halton arena idea but thats just me


I guarantee he’s sold a lot more than 40 since. He’s done well on those.


I’d buy one.


Oh for sure. He didnt paint that one specifically for us but he is giving us the opportunity to choose a 2nd location. He said he gets requests for the school all the time but nobody will give him an answer on what they want to see.


I’d like to see a general campus one. Something incorporating the “49er Miner” statue.


He specifically referenced that one as an idea he had.

If i get a few more ideas I’ll put them to a vote.

If we sell enough we can potentially get the original for free. We can then donate it to the gold rush auction or something if that threshold is met.


49er Miner or Belk Tower would be my two favorites.