49er Football 2024 Off-season thread


I’m not aware of what job he may have taken.

Tough loss though. I was always impressed with him.

Pretty sure he’s going to Indiana






Been waiting for this to leak.

Just guessing that Poggi and Sunseri were once teammates at Univ. of Pittsburgh.

I thought this would be a bigger deal. I think this is a good hire.

Sunseris daughter lives here and has a kid, so not terribly surprising he would want to come back to the area.

His kids went to HS with me.

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We are adding some much needed experience. He and Brewster are great hires. Take that Coach Prime!

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As many already know, Sunseri was the Panthers DL coach from 2002-2008


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IIRC, didn’t Sunseri have a son that played at Alabama (I think) recently? I only remember because the kid played HS ball in Union County.

Don’t forget the redshirts from last season.

Besides Carson Black, we had a few other guys…


Yes. He was drafted by the Saints.

So here’s where I stand early into the off season.

First phase of portal: We didn’t have a mass exodus of players. Yes there were some players who entered that I would have rather stayed but after the first season, I was worried about mass exits and that didn’t happen. Now coming in, it still appears we are a popular location for player to come to from these power 5 schools. Appears the transfers are more targeted so far vs last year was complete overhaul of the roster. Next week or so, and we will know where we stand in first round of portal but then after spring ball, we will have that next phase.

Recruiting: we added a highly regarded recruiting coordinator. Our class is ranked pretty well so far from committing. Now we need to make sure we get them signed and hope we don’t lose any. As part of recruiting, we will have the kids who redshirted last year to add into the roster too.

Coaching staff: we added recruiting coordinator and reports of a veteran dl coach. We lost Db coach and I think OL coach. This will probably play out over next couple months, until spring ball.

I think if you look at 23 roster vs 22 roster, we were equal or Better in 23 except two groups, Quarterbacks and wide receiver. We added QB transfer and had black redshirting and have another solid recruit this year so hopefully that improves the QB room. WR, added a transfer but still more work to be done there.

Last year, I bought the Kook Aid like most everyone else but now looking back that was silly. In 22, we had the worst defense in the country, we weren’t physical or strong or big as a team. We had a good offense but between graduation and transfers, we lost our top 3 QBs, our number 2-4 Rb, our top 3 WR and our top receiving TE. Our top returning QB was Ivey with 101 yards, we had one RB who had over 100 yards rushing returning and no receiver who had 100 yards receiving for the season. Byrd was only offensive player returning with 600 yards rushing and 200 yards receiving.

So far so good but let’s check back in March and July and see that depth chart for week 1 next year

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Any update on Quavaris Crouch?

yeah, Marvin Ridge I believe, he’s now RB coach for NE Pat’s.


Valid points. Not kidding.

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We play GW 9/14/24 (week #3).