49er Football Players in the Pros 🏈

Thought I’d start a single new thread where we track all of our former players in the Pros.

By way of first post:


Any of these guys projected to be drafted or still too early for an early projection?

Do we have any USFL guys yet?

Austin Duke played in the XFL. Was going to go to his game in Tampa before Covid cancelled it

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Larry is back on the market because he failed his physical with the bears.

β€œTwenty-two teams. Twenty-two teams came to witness our kids yesterday in its entirety. I appreciate you. But there’s thirty-two teams in this Crayola box. Therefore, the Dolphins, the Broncos, the Texans, the Bills, the Buccaneers, the Ravens, the Panthers, the Browns, the Vikings, and the Eagles. Where art thou? You could’ve sent somebody man, you could’ve shown up just a little bit. But I guarantee you, you’re going to go to Mississippi State and Ole Miss. I understand. I understand you saying they’re going to have more talent, I understand. Guess what? We coming. And when we arrive, you better be here because our kids deserve it. You could have sent a scout. You could have sent somebody. That’s all I’m sayin’. We won’t forget.”

Neon Deion talking about pro day at Jackson State.

Whats up with this attitude. He needs to know his place. The nerve of him. Its not like he went out and decided he can recruit against anybody and sign the #1 recruit in the country away from FSU. Come on Neon. Get real.

clt says we need barstool buying players as well

Some of those head shots deserves meme comments

Was perusing The Beast from Dane Brugler in The Athletic this morning. No detailed write up, but has Hunter Kelly ranked as the 65th best guard prospect in the class and Jon Alexander as the 98th best safety. Hopefully someone gets an opportunity and takes advantage.

Any niner getting drafted this year? Is Healy churning out the nfl players yet?


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