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His decision literally made no sense. You better make DAMN SURE your going to be the featured WR if you make that decision.

He was on a roll at charlotte and still good be.

Most of this catches by Hestera would probably be Spencer catches here.

And he left a situation, where he KNOWS NFL scouts are paying attention. His damn teammate just got drafted.

It boggles the mind.

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The frustrating thing about Spence was the moment DuBose went pro, Spence became undisputed WR1.

The other thing that makes us acutely aware of his departure is that our presumed WR1 has only taken 4 snaps all season due to undisclosed “personal issues”.

The fact that we have neither is forcing Hestera to play out of position.

IMO, we should be lining up this way:

WR1 Spence / Bradley
WR2 Mack
SR Hestera

That’s a solid unit for a run first team. Put another way, if we had Reynolds back for his 11th or whatever year of eligibility, with Robinson / Kellman / Byrd as his backfield, I think we could score enough points and sustain enough drives to be at least 2-1 right now, with some hopes for a good season.

Woulda, coulda, shoulda.

Also, the longer I think about it, the more I believe we essentially traded CR plus 3 stud WR for an equal # of solid defensive players, but otherwise our talent growth hasnt been equal to the step up in competition we have and will be facing. Coupled with a dysfunctional coaching staff… we are getting results that look a helluva lot like last year.


No playing time stats

Not all these decisions were about playing time, I’m sure; but they would have got playing time here. Just the way things go.

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Dang, I hate this one. I liked him.


Hopefully he’s leaving because he thinks he won’t get any snaps next year because our WR room has improved.


i thought Hestera was our lone bright spot at WR before he got hurt.

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Mack was solid too

Me too.

When he gave up on that play on the sideline when Ivey was scrambling for his life pretty much showed me everything I needed to know. Not surprising.

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Everything has seemed quiet on the CLT front. When did the influx of transfers in/out happen last year? I can’t remember when it was in correlation to the spring game

Can’t remember when we started getting players in, but we started losing players right after the spring game Last year