49er hats at Dick's Sporting Goods Pineville Location

Stopped by Dick’s Sporting Good in Pineville at Lunch and they had a clearance sale going on.

The Charlotte 49er hat was marked down to 4.97 from 19.99 and then an additional 50% off.

I will be posting pics shortly if imageshack wouldn’t suck so much ass…





not bad for 3 bucks

The only thing that bothers me is that if they are practically giving them away, they weren’t selling. Hopefully Dick’s just bought way too many for the back to school rush.

Because if it wasn’t selling means we will have less merchandise to look forward to.

Someone buy one for me and I’ll give you $10. Seriously.

I stopped by the Dick’s at Southpark last night. They have the exact same hat for $19.99.

Max… location, location!

[QUOTE=HP49er;190950]Max… location, location![/QUOTE]

I know… just letting people know that it must only be at that Pineville store and not all of them. :moon:

CharlotteAlum only shops at Southpark, so it doesn’t matter!