49er Volleyball

Shout out to the Volleyball team this season. Today is their last regular season match, and we play ODU in Halton after beating them 3-0 yesterday. It looks like we will finish 3rd in the conference, behind (somehow not ranked) Rice, and #21 WKU. Assuming we win today, we will finish the regular season 11-4, and 9-3 in conference.

Coach Weatherington is in her 6th season, and we seem to have the stability that has evaded this team for many years. Going into the Conference tournament we have a chance to finish strong, and end up in the top 3 in C-USA, which should be the goal of every coach, every year.


Very young team with a few strong athletes and good coaching. Only one senior player this season
Since the league is divided, Charlotte is pretty much locked into second in the east. I don’t know what the tournament format is, but I suspect we will open with the third team from the west.

There’s a long layoff for our team between today and the CUSA tournament, with two weeks being allowed for postponed matches, of which we had none.

Sometime in the next two years, Charlotte has a shot to participate in the NCAA tournament. Wish we could say that for men’s basketball.


It is official, Charlotte finished the regular season #2 in the East, and I would suggest #3 in the conference although C-USA only does divisional standings. We are set to play #3 West UAB in the first round of the conference tournament on Thursday.

Part of Mike Hill’s job is to position all of our teams so they can compete for conference championships, and we can add this team to the list that is there.


League Freshman of the Year (Foster) and Coach of the Year.


There’s a good vibe around that program right now. :call_me_hand:



Niners tough out a 3-2 win in round 1.
Probably will have the heavy legs against Rice tomorrow, but still a good win.


First Conference Tournament win since 2002. :eyes:

First time in program history the 49ers have advanced to the Conference Semi-Finals.


Judy and Phil must be so proud right now. Sad they can’t go on local radio and talk it up.

The full schedule is not out, but volleyball is playing a match in Chapel Hill against that university.

Kudos to me for not using "Holes’ in reference to their women’s volleyball team


Defeats Xavier 3-1 with one of ,if not the best, players on the bench following concussion protocol.

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In the CUSA Coach’s Poll we are ranked #2 in the East. Let’s fight to win the conference this year.