49ers at Wake-Tuesday March 22

I know we have a strong Triad contingent. Who all is coming to see the Niners beat Wake at Ernie Shore Field? Game is Tuesday at 6:00

The list so far includes:

Mr. B
J Felt and Mrs J Felt
Uh Huh Guy
What? What? What? Guy

I hear the “What?What?What?” Guy might be there as well.

I think many of our baseball regulars are not on this board

I think many of our baseball regulars are not on this board

And why are they not? We can use the additional baseball insights.

Good question. Now that I think about it, MOST of the Halton regulars are also not on here.

The Niners take on Wake today and then head to Durham to play NC Central in historic Durham Athletic Park on Wednesday.


Game notes:


Wake Forest is 7-12 on the season, fresh off being swept in an ACC series against Miami over the weekend, dropping those contests by a combined four runs. Wake defeated Charlotte at Robert and Mariam Hayes Stadium 7-1 last Tuesday.

N.C. Central is 1-17 on the season, winning its only contest of the year at Florida A&M on March 9. The Eagles put up 22 runs in that game, after losing a pair of close games in a doubleheader the day before. The Eagles lost a pair of home games over the weekend to Buffalo. Charlotte has met the Eagles only once in their baseball histories, a 13-1 home win last April 21.

Freshman lefty Micah Bryan will make the start for Charlotte against the Demon Deacons. He is 1-0, with a 2.89 ERA, putting four strikeouts and six walks in his ledger this season. Sophomore lefty Brian Holmes will start for Wake. He has an 0-1 record and 8.68 ERA. He has struck out 14 and walked seven this year.

Redshirt junior righty Joe Yermal starts for Charlotte on Wednesday. He is 0-1 with a 4.15 ERA, nine strikeouts and four walks in 2011. That Eagles starter was not named as of this release.

Last time I watched the Niners at Ernie Shore the tickets were free. Any idea if it is the same tonight or if that was a single game promotion?

This will be my first time to Ernie Shore and just found out that it will be free.

Games played Monday-Thursday are free admission

Excited to see some of you out there this afternoon. Hopefully it goes better than the last time we went.

Though, last time was when “Well… I like your skirt!” made it’s first and most memorable appearance.

so the game is free again??

“I like your skirt”? I hope that wasn’t used as a pickup line. My guess is that it was unsuccessful. I tried that same line once and those standing around me laughed at me. Including the girl.

Sloppy win for the Niners last night, but I will take it. We made some errors at the wrst times, left plenty of runners on base, but came up clutch when we needed to. Good win for the Niners. Was also good to see some of you guys out there.

I’ll be out there today if anyopne from the Triangle is coming out.


Exciting game. Way to many walks by our pitchers but I think some of that was the ump squeezing the strike zone and a couple pitchers staying in longer than they should have. Corey Tilton was an RBI machine.

Wake must’ve counted the Uh-Huh guy leaving to get foul balls as a new attendee as there was no way there were 381 people there.

Wasn’t the admission free? What did they do, “estimate” attebdance or have someone stand outside with clicker counter or use a turnstile to count? The uh-huh guy could reoresent half that attendance number.

It looks like we finally hitbthe ball much better.

It was nice seeing those of you that came out. Glad to see we pulled through in the end.