730 the game

I just want to go ahead and eat my crow about 730.

This morning at around 8:50 they did an entire segment on 9er basketball, Ron Sanchez, and his incoming recruiting class. They were fair and honest. The last time we got entire segments on a talk show was during #FJR. Before that, I’m not sure there ever was a time.

If you aren’t doing anything else in the AM, give them a chance. I’ve been critical in the past, but they really do treat us like the home team. Not only that, the content is significantly better than 610. 610 at least used to be funny. Now it’s just bad.


Bobby is fantastic. I think they are very supportive us.


Hate I missed that this morning, but I always listen to their morning show on the way in to work. They talk Niners much more than 610 for sure. I gave the afternoon show a shot, but I just can’t take listening to Gerry V very long.

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One would hope so, with him being our sideline guy.

One would hope the radio show directly leading into our game on the air wouldn’t make fun of us, but you know that happened.

Don’t they usually archive these segments online? Someone wanna post a link?

Bobby is the best guy in town IMO…
Walker is a Charlotte grad, wish he was more of a homer
Molly is like listening to puppies get put in a wood chipper

NA this wasn’t like an interview with anyone, it was just a discussion among the hosts about 49er basketball. I don’t think it would be archived. I was just posting here to highlight that they definitely are talking about us.

With Gerry V “out the door” at ESPN 730, Rosinski & Yarbro debuts next week.

That’s a good combo for us IMO. They will talk Charlotte without need a gun to their head.

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Gerry V was unlistenable. Not that I listen to sports radio anymore unless it is our post game show.

I wasn’t a fan of V but man he carried some heavy weight helping us get Judy ushered out. If Charlotte media has shown a light on her earlier we could have been rid of her earlier.

Yup we’ll always owe Gerry V one for the way he covered FJR. That being said I like having Bobby back on for the 5:00 drive, he’s great. It will be real tough to listen to 730 in the morning now though.

Soooo… We gotta listen to Molly Cottn’ 6-10am now? I may be forced to go back to listening to Mac and Hambone.

Gerry V fired or moving?

Washed up, in my opinion.

Announced that his contract expired.

He is retiring