8/29 Thursday night kick v Gardner Webb


Love it. Easier for students to come out. Keeps us out of labor day weekend and avoids the game uptown on Saturday. Can’t wait!


clt hopes we go with the color rush unis

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Looks like a move to boost student attendance. I hope they show up. the release sounds like our AD is working with student organizations. Good to see.

Also of note: Panthers host the Steelers at BofA Stadium that night. Meaningless 4th preseason game, but it will draw a decent crowd.

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clt says mr bo brings up a good point. The panther preseason game will out draw that other game.

Any word on our kickoff time?


Forgot about that. Darn. Y’all have fun


It doesn’t favor those folks that live 3 hours away and have jobs.

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Not good


Plenty of time to plan out a 4 or 5 day weekend. Glad they did it now so folks can make arrangements.


That’s the Panthers 4th preseason game…you’ll barely see the starters play…mainly players fighting for roster spots. I’m going to the game that counts and actually means something that day…See yall at JRS.


Unless you are battling for a roster spot, there is no reason to be at the Panthers game over the Charlotte game.




Damn, guess I can’t go to the GWU game now.


Good luck man… hopefully you can at least nab a practice squad spot


League minimum paycheck would get me close to paying off my house! It’s good to have goals!


Commit to an sec school and you’ll have that house paid off in no time.


Unfortunately my eligibility expired a long, long, long time ago.


Can’t please everyone but I think this is a good idea to get the students back on board. Lots of energy around the program with the new staff, night game for the season kickoff could leverage it. Just don’t make it one of those 6pm kickoffs some programs have been doing lately.


Should be a fun game, I know we might have a smaller crowd but I like Hill being creative here. How many times have we sweated our balls off to watch our football team get ran out of our own house? Its a new day baby and we expect the Niners to smack GWU.


Right now the kickoff is scheduled for 7:30 with C-USA reserving the right to modify the start time for TV considerations.

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The most important question is what time is NWA showing up with the Normbulance? And how will Parking Services react?