A-10 against elimination of July eval period

Cincinnati.com: Atlantic 10 Conference coaches question recruiting proposal

ESPN.com: A-10 coaches angered by July proposal

FOXSports.com: A-10 Commish: “I am against eliminating July recruiting”

It make zero sense. If you think there are a lot of transfers now, wait til the coaches can’t fully evaluate players.

This would kill 90% of the teams, as the top 10% (maybe less) get to hand pick the top talent anyways.

Going to wait til this goes from proposal to fact to become amazed at the ineptitude of the NCAA. Maybe changes in recruiting are needed, but the ELIMINATION of summer evaluation is not one of them.

clt says this is why we need football.

Why in the hell would they do this? This is so stupid on many levels. This only benefits the big money programs who can afford to be all across the country scouting from the east to the west coast.

It certainly doesn’t benefit the kids nor the programs who can’t afford to take private jets to go watch HS kids play.

No changes for now…

ESPN.com: July hoops recruiting stays for now