A 10 Mirror Games

The Atlantic 10 Conference is going to have a 14 team single division format next year. Just like current Conference USA scheduling, each team will play once. There will also be three “mirror teams” for each team. These mirror teams will play us both home and away each year. Currenlty, our are mirror teams in C-USA are Cincinnati, East Carolina, and Saint Louis.

I know 96% of you already know this, I just wanted to be clear.

my votes went to Temple, Xavier, and Richmond

its already been done its dayton, Richmond and Rhode Island i believe

[i]Originally posted by 302stizzle49er[/i]@Jan 28 2005, 01:47 PM [b] its already been done its dayton, Richmond and Rhode Island i believe [/b]
really? where did you hear that? i really hope Richmond is one, Dayton usually has a really good team, and Rhode Island isnt bad.

I didn’t know it had been done. Oh well.

Also, where can one tackle the 11 lb. burger? I want to be the next Pork Chop “Badlands” Booker.

who the hell voted for SLU. i want that nightmare to end!! aagggh the misery of the Savis Center! :frowning:

Charlotte - UD, GW, UR

A10 Scheduling 2005-06 and 2006-07

I figured they’d set us together because we are C-USA foes. I definately don’t want that to happen. Watching SLU is like watching your dog die.

Thank God Saint Louis isn’t twice per year.

So we have Dayton, GW, and Richmond…me likes

hell i was close to remembering correcetly

Give me LaSalle, Bonaventure, and Duquesne. I’ll take the 6 W’s each year.

Heck yeah, if that will guarantee a NCAA Sweet 16, like UAB, I’m down with it. :smiley:

In reality, the 49ers may has the third toughest mirror schedule based on past history (after Saint Joseph’s and GW).

Charlotte - Dayton, George Washington, Richmond
Dayton - Charlotte, Saint Louis, Xavier
Duquesne - Fordham, LaSalle, Saint Bonaventure
Fordham - Duquesene, Rhode Island. Saint Bonaventure
George Washington - Charlotte, Richmond, Saint Joseph’s
LaSalle - Duquesene, Massachusetts, Temple
Massachusetts - LaSalle, Rhode Island, Temple
Rhode Island - Fordham, Massachusetts, Saint Louis
Richmond - Charlotte, George Washington, Saint Bonaventure
St. Bonaventure - Duquesne, Fordham, Richmond
Saint Joseph’s - George Wahington, Temple, Xavier
Saint Louis - Dayton, Richmond, Xavier
Temple - LaSalle, Massachusetts, Saint Joseph’s
Xavier - Dayton, Saint Joseph’s, Saint Louis

I was looking forward to home and away series with URI and UMass. Hopefully they will stagger the two so I can see at least one game a year up here.

Dayton’s better than URI. URI has been mediocre before and after Lamar Odom.

who is voting for SLU!? :blink:

[i]Originally posted by Pork Chop[/i]@Jan 28 2005, 03:54 PM [b] Dayton's better than URI. URI has been mediocre before and after Lamar Odom. [/b]
Rhode Island finished 20-11 in 2002-03 and 20-14 last season (including a W over the Niners!).

Yes, this season has been a disaster. That will happen when you lose your best player (senior G Dawan Robinson – preseason All A-10 first team and 15 ppg) to a season- and possibly career-ending injury, a returning starter (senior F Dustin Hellenga, 13 ppg) is lost to academics, yet another returning starter is lost to injury (senior F Jamaal Wise, 6ppg last season, 12 ppg in his one game in 2004-05), and a JUCO transfer from Mesa CC leaves 3 games into the season because he’s “homesick”. Senior F Scott Hazelton is a good player (16 ppg, 7 rpg), but without Robinson, Hellenga, and Wise to help him out, his last year of collegiate ball isn’t going to something he’ll want to remember.

I was at the URI game last year. Hellenga flat out killed us and I think he might have even hit the shot that sent us into overtime.

Does it depress anyone else like it does me to see this become a reality??? No more Cincy, Louisville, Marq, Depaul, Memphis…etc. This sucks. Damn ACC.

Have a little faith.