A-10 power rankings Feb. 25

I pushed Charlotte down one spot, below Temple, after the Temple loss and the Mayfield boot.

Did I cut the 'Niners too much slack? Or is No. 6 about where you guys figure they are at this point?

You can judge the order here: http://www.indysportslegends.com/2013/02/25/atlantic-10-power-rankings-billikens-rule/

Thanks. Always enjoy hearing from y’all.

Chris Goff
Butler beat writer, IndySportsLegends.com

Honestly I would have put us at 9th or worse. I now think the Butler win was a fluke and the other games in February are truly who we are.

We are a team that can beat smaller and less athletic teams than we are, but we lack many skills that will allow us to compete with teams that are bigger or more athletic than we are.

7th, maybe 8th.

But the future is bright!

I probably would’ve gone 7th or 8th, as well. I’ll take the love, but I’m still pissed after the last game.

I take it you didnt actually watch Sunday’s game? 8)

Thanks for the generosity. I don’t think the team that showed up Sunday (or rather failed to) deserved it.

We are a tough bunch. We are sixth.

I always enjoy reading your rankings. I think 6 is a fair spot for us- I thought we were underrated in power rankings all year and I’m not going to switch sides now that we’re finally getting some love. I honestly think the teams you ranked ahead of us are better teams, and I don’t think there’s anyone behind us that deserves to be ahead. Hopefully 6 A-10 teams get at large bids this year. :smiley:

EDIT: I like where we are in the rankings, but I forgot to add that I don’t think VCU is 2nd. I would put Butler ahead of them and maybe even La Salle:

SLU, Butler, La Salle, VCU, Temple, Charlotte, Xavier, UMass, St. Joe’s, Richmond, Dayton, GW, Bona, URI, Fordham, Duquesne would be my list.