A friendly invite from ShockerNet

Hey guys, just wanted to stop in and say “Hi” and invite you all to join us on ShockerNet for a friendly conference pick-em competition this year. It had been a staple of our MVC days with fans from all over the conference joining us and we’re starting it up again! There’s prizes and plenty of room for fun banter. We’d love to have all of you join us!

It’ll be setup under the “23-24 Pick’em” sub-forum!

Thanks and best of luck this season!

Welcome to the board.

If you guys would just restart football we’d be back to an even number of football teams.

It’s easy! AND, we have a professional consultant who can help you get started:

The Bachelor What GIF by Bachelor in Paradise

I wish! Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be in the cards for quite a while.